Retrofit Program

Install Energy-Efficient Measures and Earn up to 50% of your Project Costs
For many business owners, capital costs prove to be the primary barrier to investing and participating in a retrofit.  This program gives incentive to reduce this barrier, making it possible for businesses to install and benefit from newer, more energy-efficient solutions.

Focus your Energy-Efficiency Decisions on your Building Retrofits
Becoming more energy-efficient is paying off for commercial organizations looking to respond to growing market pressures and increased global competition. Operating as efficiently as possible will help improve your bottom line. Even small steps can make a measurable difference.

Incentive Levels
Your local electric utility will assist you to assess and offer financial incentives to implement energy-efficiency measures for your building, equipment and operational practices that could lower your electricity costs almost immediately in some cases and last far into the future in others.

RW Electric will work with you and your local utility to create a plan of action that will focus on the most economical uses for the incentive that will help you lower your electricity costs. We will guide you through the process from start to finish, completing all the necessary paperwork and ensuring a painless installation.

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