Equipment Rentals

RW Electric’s equipment is available for rent on any projects you may have.

Please give us a call for pricing, availability and details.

Our Inventory:

We’ve got you covered!

Bucket Trucks

Our Bucket Trucks are available for rental with operator. Sizes from 35′ to 60′ reach.
Rental Uses: Winter Ice Removal, Minor Tree Branch Removal, Chimney Liner Installations


Call 613-634-2341or email for Rates and Availability

Auger Truck Rental

Auger and Boom trucks are available for rental with operator. Our 45′ boom trucks have a limited weight capacity, Call to discuss your project. Rental uses: Pole Replacements, Raise and Lowering of roof-mounted A/C units.
Auger Depth: Maximum 18′ Auger sizes:  9″, 18″, 20″, 21″, 22″, 37″


Call 613-634-2341or email for Rates and Availability

Kubota KX 41-2V Mini Excavator

The Mini-excavator can easily transported to sites accessible by only water where small excavating jobs may be required. These compact units require only a small amount of space to maneuver causing very little damage to the site


Call 613-634-2341 or email for Rates and Availability

Barge Rental

Our aluminum self propelled barges allow access to very shallow water even with a heavy load with little disturbance to the natural habitat. Hydraulic equipment assists with the handling and spotting of hydro poles with minimal disturbance to the shoreline, trees and vegetation. Installation of hydro services on islands, both overhead & underground


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