Net-Metered Solar

Hydro One Net Metering is another method of connecting renewable energy installations to the grid and prior to the RESOP and FIT programs this was the only way to connect projects.

Individuals who install smaller micro-generation PV systems who do not wish to participate in the microFIT or FIT programs can choose to use the electricity generated to offset their own consumption. Ontario’s net metering regulation allows consumers to send electricity generated from renewable sources to the electrical grid for a credit toward your energy costs. The Utility will credit the energy you you supply to the grid and charge you for the difference. In months where you generate more than you use, credits can be carried forward into future months. On your hydro bill you will see the “net” difference between those two amounts.

Due to the falling costs of solar energy, in my circumstances the installation of a net metered system is not only economical, but actually represents a good return on investment, and the possibilities are becoming more attractive as prices for solar fall and the price of electricity rises.

Below are some important details that need to be considered as part your decision making process.
Net Metering

  • Net Metering credits cannot be carried forward further than 1 year, in the event that your credits aren’t used, they are lost. Therefore it is important not to oversize the system relative to your demand, and it’s imperative that any potential vacancies of the property are considered.
  • The installation will require an Electrical Safety Authority Inspection prior to connection from the utility.
  • In accordance with Utility requirements, a disconnect switch must be installed between your system and the meter to ensure shutdown if needed.
  • You must use renewable sources for your generation (solar, wind, biomass etc.), and you must generate primarily for your own use.
  • Prior to installation the Utility must be contacted to determine if connection is possible and a connection agreement must be signed.

For more information you can visit Hydro One’s net meter page –

Net Metering

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