SB Lighting Program

The Small Business Lighting Program is run by the OPA through local utilities. The objective of the program is to reduce electricity use by installing more efficient energy equipment. Under the program, eligible businesses are able to receive up to $1000 in energy-efficient lighting and equipment upgrades. The payback periods on most of these upgrades are usually within a few years, often representing a very high return on investment for businesses.

To qualify your business must have an electrical demand of less than 50kW; the simplest way to tell if you qualify is to look at one of your electric utility bills. If your bill measures electricity in KW’s than you will likely apply. If you are unsure but interested in the program feel free to contact us or your local electric utility.

The process for completing these projects is quite simple. A representative of your local utility will complete a free assessment of your lighting and water-heating equipment to help identify specific opportunities that will reduce your electricity usage. After the assessment is complete you can decide if you wish to proceed with the retrofits, and which ones you will move ahead with. A signed work order form will set-up the process whereby the materials are ordered and an approved and licensed electrical contractor is sent out to complete the work.

RW Electric is currently working on numerous retrofit lighting projects with our customers, if you would like to find our more about this opportunity please contact us.
Need more information? View the FAQ page at the Save On Energy Website
Small Business Lighting

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