R.W Electric is one of Eastern Ontario’s most respected electrical contractors. Our Solar division is focused on the installation of renewable energy projects for individual homeowners, farms and small businesses. We comprehensively evaluate the needs of our clients to ensure that the most suitable system is installed. The Ontario governments Feed-In Tariff (FIT) program has created an extraordinary opportunity to be involved as a renewable energy generator. The microFIT projects (<10kW) will allow you to earn an exceptional return on investment while contributing clean and renewable energy to your community. Large-scale FIT projects for commercial roofs and undeveloped land offer a great business investment. Currently we are able to offer a number of solutions for these projects, including turn-key installations, roof leasing, solar panel leasing. We also offer electrical services for firms completing FIT installations. Our expertise in providing high-quality electrical services will ensure that you are receiving the best system for your money, and one that we are proud to stand behind. You're welcome to visit our office on highway 38 to see our unique pole-mount and rooftop systems, or contact us here to find out solar can work for you, and to schedule a free site evaluation.